Marzena is our staple brand, started by MBL in 1987 Marzena has grown to become a leader in the hair removal market. Marzena has had the most firsts to market out of any depilatory brand and continues to deliver the best value and premium results to its customers. Manufactured by MBA in New Zealand and distributed throughout the world.

Oral Medic​

We have obtained the brand OralMedic through the Ceuta Healthcare alliance. ORALMEDIC is a revolutionary product that takes mouth ulcer treatment to a new level. One application eliminates mouth ulcer pain in seconds. OralMedic is being distributed throughout pharmacies in NZ and Australia. MBA has designed and implemented health-trade promotions to professionals linking them with pharmacies for supply which has helped grow the brand in our region.

Water Wipes

WaterWipes are the World’s purest babywipe containing 99.9% water and are safe to use on a newborn’s skin. We have distribution in NZ and Australian grocery channels, pharmacy, variety channels and many online retailers. MBA have promoted Waterwipes through a myriad of media, specialising in online and social, baby shows and TV. WaterWipes have grown significantly in the Australian and NZ markets under MBA’s distributorship and the brand continues to go from strength to strength. WaterWipes are now listed in Coles, Woolworths, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Terry White Pharmacies, various independent pharmacies and online retailers in Australia. In NZ WaterWipes are listed in Countdown, PakNSave, New World and various pharmacies and online retailers.


Zeno is the brother brand to Marzena. Zeno is distributed through pharmacy and online channels. The first range of male-specific hair removal products to be developed especially for the aspiring athlete. Zeno is making great inroads into the Japanese market where hair removal for men is a growing trend.


Colourless is the latest generation of Hair Colour Remover launched in 2017, developed to have a faster processing time than other brands. Other advantages of the new formula is a fresh fragrance making for a pleasant colour removal experience. Colourless allows hair colour enthusiasts to remove hair colour at home at a fraction of the price of a salon visit. Currently listed in Woolworths and Priceline in Australia


ColourB4 is the world’s number 1 selling Hair Colour Remover and is the sister brand to JoBaz Hair Colour Remover.


Direct from the UK JoBaz includes a range of salon treatment products that can be used at home. JoBaz hair colour remover takes colour out of dyed hair, returning the user to their natural shade. JoBaz everyday straight tames the wildest hair and keeps it straight.