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Our Story

Marzena BodyCare is the trading name for the group of companies Marketing Brokers NZ Ltd Marketing Brokers Australia Pty Ltd and Marzena BodyCare US Inc. The companies were formed and incorporated from 1987 principally to assist NZ and Australian companies with their marketing and to launch in to USA. Be it product packaging, sales training, advertising concepts, PR strategies or eventing. We always wanted to be practitioners. 

The Directors found the opportunity through studying the European market, particularly Spain to bring ideas and concepts from Europe to Australasia. We identified the hair removal market. We created and still own today the Marzena brand. A leading hair removal brand: Waxes, creams, gels lotions sold throughout Australasia in Grocery, mass market and pharmacy, exported around the world.

Our very good relationship with our UK distributor progressed into MBA being appointed the Australasian member of Ceuta HealthCare’s international alliance specialising in the Health and Beauty category.

To this day MBA takes on distributorships for new inventive products from around the world and we use the go-to market expertise or synergies of the International alliance managed through Ceuta Healthcare. 

The annual international alliance conference involves members from 110 markets around the world, attracting the world’s top multinational companies. This is the forum used for new product developments to be launched and presented to the alliance and for members to evaluate the products potential in their region. For MBA this is the Australasian and South Pacific region.