Marzena offers a range of high-quality depilatory products for all at home hair removal needs. Marzena is 100% NZ owned and uses the latest technology, blending natural ingredients wherever possible with no testing on animals.


Dimetapp is a comprehensive and range of nasal sprays, liquids and liquid capsules to help give relief from a broad range of cough, cold & flu and allergy symptoms. Dimetapp provides fast, effective relief when you need it most.

Breathe Right

Breathe Right nasal strips are uniquely designed to relieve nasal congestion due to reduced nasal airflow. Made of flexible spring-like bands, Breathe Right is a drug-free solution that works instantly to help you breathe better.

Revolution Haircare

Revolution Haircare exists to develop incredible, cruelty free products for everyone, made accessible and affordable for all.


Colourless Hair Colour Remover is the safe and gentle way to effectively remove artificial permanent hair colour from the hair. It works by breaking the bonds that hold the colour pigments in the hair shaft then shrinking the colour molecules allowing them to be rinsed away. Safe & gentle, no bleach or ammonia. Cruelty free. Made in the U.K


Oogiebear is a family of smart baby care products that helps babies breathe easier. Designed with a patented bear head that prevents the tool from going too far into the baby’s nose or ears – it effectively and safely removes boogers from babies’ nostrils.

Pureness Baby

We set out to create our pure and plant-based wipes with one sentiment in mind. To create a baby wipe that offers a more sustainable solution for our planet. Pureness Baby wipes are made from 99.9% purified water and 100% biodegradable materials to care for your little one and the environment.